About Us
My Father and I started this company 3 years ago due to
the fact we could find no one to make a custom jig mold
at an affordable price. We found someone who cast  the
molds, but it wasn't very accurate. So having an industrial
background, he and I decided to invest in a CNC milling
machine to cut our own. This led to making custom molds
for our friends; they in turn encouraged us to go public
with our business. After a  post on a fishing web site
about our business, and the overwhelming response by
the public about their efforts to find the same type of
service that we looked for.  We started this company for
the fishermen by the fishermen. From the first post on a
forum page one year ago,  we have made molds for
people all over the country. We make any type of lead
poured jig, from fresh to saltwater.  You can send a copy
of the lure the hook you intend to use and we will mill it in
either brass or aluminum for you to reproduce the jig, at
an affordable price. All of our molds are tested and
guaranteed before sell and shipment and if you are not
satisfied return it to us and we will correct the mold.
DISCLAIMER : All molds are made for individual use only
these are not sold with the intent for manufacture for sell
of the lure. Any lure that is patent or TM can not be
reproduced. If you see one on this site it will be pulled.
Please e-mail us with the type of lure and the patent
number so we can check to ensure all precautions are
This is a sample of a most recent jig we
cut for a customer.
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Creating fishing molds for the future
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